Mica Molded Commutators_ Ningbo Oriental Mecha & Elec Technology Co.Ltd

Mica Molded Commutators

Traditionally, high performance, high reliability commutator applications, like diesel truck starter motors, have used steel core commutator construction for strength and stability. Oriental Commutator Company continues to convert many of these demanding applications to mica molded construction.

  • Provides a more economical product without sacrificing function
  • Manufactured in diameters from 2mm to 500mm, with and without risers
    • Also offer a full range of bar counts
  • Segment materials available in:
    • CDA 114, 116, 105 or 107 copper
  • Mica insulation available:
    • China
    • Bonded with shellac, epoxy, alkyd vinyl or inorganic binders
  • Flush or sub flush insulation may be specified
  • Optional shaft bushings manufactured from brass or steel
  • Toledo Commutator Company uses a variety of internal segment profiles to provide optimum holding strength to fit requirements of application with the best pricing
  • Molding material used is fiberglass, reinforced phenolic compound engineered to fit each application
    • Excellent electrical, mechanical and thermal properties developed specifically for commutator applications